How to Find and manage an overseas factory with a good sourcing agent

Are you looking for overseas factories to make products?  Rather than looking for a factory yourself, not just looking for a needle in a haystack, especially a haystack in the distance, but finding a good purchasing agent or company to serve you. In the United States or other countries, a good purchasing agent can:
1. Find a factory with the equipment and talent to meet your needs.
2. Determine which plants or suppliers will complete on time and provide effective services.
3. Negotiate a good price.
4. Place orders, handle currency issues and pay suppliers.
5. Check factory quality and ethics.
6. In some cases, check the finished products before shipping them to you.
This is the knowledge needed to choose a purchasing agent:
Visit exhibition
A good sourcing agent will have a deep understanding of your industry and the country where you want to do business. Therefore, a trade show in your industry may be the best place to find a purchasing agent. Do you like the quality of the products produced by colleagues in the same industry? Ask him or her for advice from a purchasing agent.
Decision time: US global or domestic purchasing agent?
Both domestic agents and domestic agents have advantages and disadvantages. The scope of domestic sourcing agents may be larger and broader-for example, if you are manufacturing products in multiple countries, domestic sourcing companies that have access to factories in China and Vietnam, for example, may provide you with a single point of contact. Local representatives, on the other hand, can help small companies get started at a relatively affordable price; they are usually paid on a commission basis, rather than a large domestic company, which usually works on contract and expects to pay a portion of the cost upfront. In either case, ensure that the representative is fully bilingual.
Globus and NTDB.
Get the best price
A good purchasing agent should offer you bids from multiple different factories. Also, make sure that the agent has no financial contact with any particular factory. Also note that in some countries, purchasing agents receive commissions or rebates from the factory of their choice; to say the least, this practice can hurt their objectivity.
Maintain ethics
Today, it is important to ensure that overseas factories no longer employ underage workers or treat their employees badly. Before signing a contract, you need to inspect the factory, but you can also do business with purchasing agents that do business responsibly.
Before you provide the purchasing agent with information about the new product, ask the purchasing agent to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
Once he or she signs a non-disclosure agreement, give the agent as much information as possible about the product you want to produce, including specifications, dimensions, and drawings.
After selecting a factory, first carry out small batch production and check before the product leaves the factory.
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