Purchasing Guide: How to import wholesale handbags From China

In the past four years, we have received many new customers from all over the world who import handbags from China. Many of them don’t know how to import handbags from China, and they will encounter many difficulties and problems when purchasing handbags. This article helps those who want to buy wholesale handbags in China. It can also help those who want to start a handbag business.

We list the points that importers are most concerned about:

You can import different types of handbags from China.

How to customize a handbag?

Should you understand the quality of the handbag?

How to find a handbag manufacturer/supplier in China?

Where is the handbag manufacturer in China?

What is the wholesale price of Chinese handbags?

How much is the shipping cost of imported handbags from China?

Please note that we do not disclose customer design or product information. All product photos are from Google and Amazon.

1. Different types of handbags that you can import from China

(1) Classified by function: wallet, cosmetic bag, evening bag, handbag, shoulder bag, backpack, messenger bag, travel bag and multi-function bag;

(2) According to the material classification: leather bag, PU bag, PVC bag, canvas bag, nylon bag, hand-woven bag, etc.;

(3) Classification according to style: mainly including handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, satchels, backpacks, waist bags, coin purses, wrist bags, etc.

2. How to customize the handbag?

In fact, most importers have chosen handbags in the wholesale markets which produced at the factory. However, more successful and experienced importers will customize handbags according to their own designs. They make a lot of personalized handbags, which are unique to many competitors.

Importers usually make these changes on their handbags:

Print/sew your own logo on your backpack. Most handbags are made of leather. You can send some good patterns to the factory and have the factory print them on leather materials.

The minimum order quantity for personalized women’s handbags in most Chinese factories is at least 500 or 1000 units. If you only buy 200 or 300 pieces, you can print your logo on your handbag. For orders with less than 500 items, you can’t make more customizations.

Good things are what everyone needs in the end, and they are sought after and have profit margins. For customized handbags, if you pay attention to the details, materials, workmanship and other details, it seems a bit cumbersome, as long as it is properly used. There is a complete set of operational steps; the better products are continuously imported into the market. , so they will get more market share and consumer recognition.

3. How to understand the quality of the handbag

We have identified the following major quality issues that may arise with your handbags. Customers often ignore these issues.

Materials have a considerable impact on the production and sales of bags, which is a problem that must be considered in the development of the handbag industry.

Leather materials: We classify each category of materials into high, medium and low grades. In the current bag industry, we do leather products, and we mainly do our own brands. .

PU material: Everyone is familiar with this material. However, how many purchases of this material are clear? Even if it is the boss of the production line, there are still a lot of fog, know the bottom of the cloth, the coating foam, know the surface treatment and other processes. This is just an understanding of the material. If you want to make the material to follow the bag product, you should naturally pay attention to it in this aspect, such as material performance and product matching.

Inner material: a good bag must have a good lining, and a poor bag still should have the same cost-effective lining. Everyone doesn’t know if they have found out that we are always in the middle of loading things, and the main ingredients outside are just propping up the appearance of the bag. Generally good lining can withstand the weight.

Hardware materials: There are not many kinds of hardware materials used in the market. They are made of iron, zinc alloy, copper, manganese, stainless steel, etc. The most commonly used iron and zinc alloys, the general low-end products are naturally only due to price factors. Can be iron material in line with the cost, and most of the bags will use zinc alloy. The combination of hardware and design needs to be positioned, without having to consider the hardware as cheap as possible, because cheap hardware has several problems, first of all, oxidation and rust, then easy to break when used, and finally the quality of plating. Usually, the process of sealing the oil is to block the air and prevent oxidation from contact with the air. Therefore, the hardware after sealing the oil is generally not easily discolored.

Zipper material: From the entire bag industry to the present, the price of the zipper has changed little, and the zipper itself consumes so much material. The zipper is very important. If you don’t cut corners, don’t save money on the zipper. Once the zipper has a few cents of material, the whole bag will be scrapped. Therefore, pay special attention to the texture of the zipper. You must manually test and view the metal material. Many factories use some bad zippers to save costs. After a period of use, the zipper is not smooth and easy to break, and it is easy to break during use.

Stitching material: It is the place where the body and the strap are connected. If it is not very powerful, it is more likely to crack. Therefore, when purchasing from a supplier, have them sew more lines in this area, or make this part with thicker leather.

The impact of handbag materials on bags: We all know that bags need good material production, whether it is sewing or glue effect, or the feeling after doing it, the texture in the hand, etc., must take into account the first row of materials. Then, I can talk about the manual problem. There are good materials and good handwork. From the grade of the bag, it is impeccable. The second is the style. Many styles are designed to cover up some deficiencies. The beauty is eye-catching, but it can only be seen from a distance. It is not close to the subject, but the material work is close, and there is no desire to buy immediately. Therefore, it should be painstaking to work on materials and workmanship. Of course, some orders are subject to the acceptance of the guests and can be produced according to the acceptance criteria of the guests. When they belong to their own product trademarks, in the long run, they should not be manual. It is obviously not advisable to use the material difference and hit the price. Everything is beautiful, everyone likes it, and you have to pay the price. This is in line with the marketing logic.

4. How to find a handbag manufacturer/supplier in China?

4.1 online search handbag wholesale supplier

You can find handbag suppliers on Google, Alibaba, Made in China, globalsource, Chinabrands, Aliexpress, DHgate, or on independent websites.

Suppliers of Alibaba, Made in China and Globalsource usually have higher requirements for order quantities, usually above $2,000. First-time buyers and those who want to buy 100 or fewer handbags should choose Chinabrands, Aliexpress or DHgate. Usually most of the suppliers on these three sites are not factories. They buy products from different factories and resell them to you, but it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the bags purchased each time.

However, if you want to use this product for long-term business, I recommend that you find a stable manufacturing supplier. If you are having trouble finding a manufacturing supplier, you can find a suitable supplier through a purchasing agent in China. The professional China sourcing agents can save you time and money.

4.2 Looking for handbag manufacturers in China

If you have your own business plan and want to customize your handbag according to your own ideas, please find a reliable manufacturer. It is difficult for you to communicate ideas with suppliers on the web. In addition, it is difficult for suppliers who understand and meet your requirements.

Suppose you already have a supplier, but you are not satisfied with the quality of the handbags currently produced by the supplier. In this case, I suggest you come to China to participate in some exhibitions. You can find some handbag suppliers at the exhibitions. You can talk face to face with them and choose the one that works best for you.

In China, you can find handbag suppliers from these exhibitions:

Canton Fair

Hong Kong Exhibition

Shanghai International Leather Bags Handbags Exhibition

5. Where can you find the best handbag manufacturer in China?

 Our team has extensive experience in helping foreign clients find handbag manufacturers in China. Most of these manufacturers are located in Guangzhou, Pinghu, Zhejiang, and Baigou, Hebei. Each of these areas produces handbags of varying quality and price.

If you are looking for the best quality handbags, go to Guangzhou. These areas contain a large number of raw materials, sample houses, office locations for customers, business, documentary, development, quotation, etc. A series of positions based on the customer’s first-time data can be retained, and the factory is set up as a good price order. , that is, the orders that are artificially high and unaffected here, the urgent orders, the strict quality requirements, the convenient orders for customers to check in, the orders that must be completed by the supporting facilities, etc., if the supporting facilities in the Mainland are not perfect, Both Pearl River Delta production can be considered. Therefore, manufacturers in these fields are able to manufacture higher quality handbags. However, you need to spend more money to buy a handbag.

Zhejiang Area: mainly consider the principle of raw materials, such as Zhejiang Pinghu luggage base, Dongyang base, Fuyang, Wuxi, Ningbo, etc., around Jiaxing, Wujiang Shengze, Xiaoshan rotation, there are advantages of raw materials, in general, this type Orders are large, the price is low, the quality requirements are not high, can be produced here, and the order is small, the quality is high, the processing factory can still be found in this area.

Hebei Baigou Area: Baigou Base produces handbags. In the same industry, many people generally think that they belong to low-end bags. At the same time, Yiwu, Hunan, Henan, Baigou and other places are classified into a large category. In advance, the products in these places are in the minds of everyone. A concept will emerge, and the packages produced in these places are low-end packages. If you are looking for affordable handbags, then the white ditch is your ideal choice. However, the quality may not satisfy you. In the white ditch, the quality of the handbag depends on the production capacity of the factory you purchased. Therefore, you need to learn how to distinguish between good quality and poor quality. If you don’t have this experience, you should find a trusted purchasing agent.

We recommend that you find a handbag supplier in the above area. But one place you should not consider is Hebei Baigou. Although Hebei Baigou’s handbags are the cheapest, the traders there are not as professional as Guangzhou. Hebei is very inland, and you may have problems communicating with most of the manufacturers there. Therefore, they may not be able to customize the handbag to your specific requirements.

6. What is the wholesale price of Chinese handbags?

The price of different handbags is not much different. In general, handbags cost about $10 to $100. Our customers often order the following handbags for a range of $10 to $60.

High quality handbags are more expensive and they offer better functionality. They use high quality fabrics such as leather or special materials and may include complex production processes. .

For example, in January of this year, one of my customers specializing in branded products customized high quality packaging. It has a large number of sorting layers that can be used to classify a variety of female products. In addition, he chose a lightweight, wear-resistant and waterproof fabric. The total cost is about $30.

Since last year, our company has been buying handbags for customers in various countries. We found that the same style of handbags from the same supplier in 2018 increased by 10% compared to 2017. This is because the cost of raw materials and labor is higher in 2018. So don’t be surprised if you find that the supplier price is more expensive than last year.

7. Transportation cost of imported handbags from China

Our company has previously helped many customers purchase a large number of handbags. Although the size and weight of different styles of handbags are different, the transportation costs are not much different. So, let me take a hand bag that we help our customers to buy as an example.

Typically, 500 handbags are approximately 400KG, 3.5 CBM. They have a size weight of approximately 670 KG. (For some lighter but bulky goods, courier/air freight will be charged according to the size and weight. To learn more about the size and weight, please click here)

7.1. Express/air freight

The table below can help you roughly calculate the cost of shipping each handbag to a different country by courier.

(Please note that different courier companies have different prices. The courier price may change at any time of the year. The prices in the table below are for reference only.)

7.2. Shipping cost by Sea Freight

Shipping is more complicated. You need to ship the goods from China to the warehouse in your country. It involves China’s export processes, shipping, import processes in your country, customs clearance and domestic transportation to your warehouse. Better find professional freight forwarders to help you handle the transportation of goods from China to the warehouse.

Transporting a complete container is cheaper to load (FCL). However, the first purchase of many importers in China is not enough for a container. Some people only buy thousands of packages at a time. Therefore, they are usually shipped less than container loading (LCL).

I will provide you with some shipping LCL prices as a reference for all included fees.

(This price applies to 3-5 CBM products. If the quantity of goods exceeds 5 CBM, the price is cheap.)

Now it is your turn, I hope this complete guide will help you easily import handbags from China.

Now I want to hear your opinion:

Do you have an online or offline store?

What is your experience in importing handbags from China?

Don’t you understand the content in this article?

Do you have any questions about your business?

Leave a comment let me know your question. Moreover, we will try our best to answer your questions and solve your problems.

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