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How to Successfully Launch Your First Product with sourcing agent

Got a great idea for a new product? In addition to its design and logistics, you’re probably already thinking about how you’re going to launch it. A well-executed launch is your chance to grab customers’ attention and make a strong impression with your product. But like all first impressions, it’s hard to correct a product launch if it doesn’t go smoothly right off the bat — especially if it’s your very first product. “Product launches are... Read More

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Sourcing agent how to Find a Manufacturer for Your Product Idea

Sourcing agent how to Find a Manufacturer for Your Product Idea If you had niche ideas and already have been evaluating products to sell online, it can be an interesting time for business owner to build and grow more about your idea.  However, time after time, many business owners find themselves encountering tough difficulty and losing momentum when it comes to the phase of product sourcing. Sourcing a manufacturer to manufacture your own... Read More

How to Find and manage an overseas factory with a good sourcing agent

Are you looking for overseas factories to make products?  Rather than looking for a factory yourself, not just looking for a needle in a haystack, especially a haystack in the distance, but finding a good purchasing agent or company to serve you. In the United States or other countries, a good purchasing agent can:   1. Find a factory with the equipment and talent to meet your needs. 2. Determine which plants or suppliers will complete on time and provide effective services. 3.... Read More