Month: October 2017

A Buying Guide – From the Chinese Suppliers Perspective

In China as with the rest of the world, this can vary hugely. One supplier might be a factory with thousands of staff and at the other end of the scale you might have a mother of one working from home to try and pay the bills, along with many middle men in between. The difference in China is that it might not always be that clear exactly who you are dealing with. The mother is as likely to tell you that she is a factory as the factory itself.  The truth is that they could all offer as... Read More

China Product Sourcing: Why Finding Factories Isn’t Simple

real manufacturers and not some sort of brokerage company or middlemen or similar people. Unfortunately, the internet also hasn’t been helpful enough via forums or social networking sites (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn) in providing even remotely accurate answers.   What really makes it hard to find these manufacturing factories?   Random answers are presented on the forums, but with a lackadaisical approach that is neither conclusive nor productive. We have noticed the trends and... Read More

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How to Deal With Manufacturers In China?

Are You Dealing With Manufacturers? Try 8 Ways To Be Certain If you’re an importer, you know it already how difficult it is to track a Chinese supplier. More often, there’s a confusion prevailing over that. In fact, it is the trading companies that pose as manufacturers and anyone who wants to import products has a bleak chance to recognize that. For example, – the popular eCommerce giant also hosts the trading companies, which claim themselves as... Read More

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Pre-shipment Quality Inspections Are Always Necessary

Experienced Foreign Managers at Factories – A Tale of Truth It’s true that many Chinese suppliers employ experienced foreign managers for managing key operations, which include, Research & Development, Marketing, and Business Development & More. Generally, you will find a Japanese person or a Westerner in these companies. In fact, when you are evaluating these companies, you will discover a handful of best practices of these companies, which you always want to see. Whether it is... Read More

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Sourcing agent how to Find a Manufacturer for Your Product Idea

Sourcing agent how to Find a Manufacturer for Your Product Idea If you had niche ideas and already have been evaluating products to sell online, it can be an interesting time for business owner to build and grow more about your idea.  However, time after time, many business owners find themselves encountering tough difficulty and losing momentum when it comes to the phase of product sourcing. Sourcing a manufacturer to manufacture your own... Read More