7″ 2.4GHz Wireless Video Door Phone Video Intercom Doorbell Home Security IR Camera Monitor Night wholesaler supplier

7″ 2.4GHz Wireless Video Door Phone Video Intercom Doorbell Home Security IR Camera Monitor Night wholesaler supplier



  • 2.4GHz digital frequency ensures strong and stable signal transmission;

  • Ultrathin 7color TFT LCD with High-sensitive touch panel and 0.3Mega pixel camera;
  •  With a call, intercom, unlock, infrared night vision function, more convenient.
  •  Indoor monitor can shoot 100 photo and save as many as 130 photos;
  •  The Volume, brightness and contrast can be adjusted, 16 kinds of music rings for selection.
  •  Rainproof cover design, antioxidative Outdoor Unit with piano bakes lacquer panel.
  • Hands free intercom, one-button touch makes perfect experience.
  •  Back-hang design, can be installed anywhere you want
  •  Wireless transmitting at the distance of 150 meters 


Note: In our testing, the product works well within 30 meters where there are two thick walls without any corners. Different environment has different signal interference, so as the signal transmission. In addition, if there is no any barriers or interference, the transmision distance will be up to 150m. However, it is only an ideal transmission distance. If you require longer distance of signal transmission, we suggest purchasing those wired door phones in our store.


Details :

  • A:This doorphone intercome system can provide a secure,stable and private signal with the latest chip. The 2.4GHz digital frequency ensures a strong and stable signal transmission.
  • B:With the 0.3Mega pixel camera, the image is very clear on display. It can save about 100 photos automatically. What’s more, the previous photos will be covered automatically when the built-in memory card is full.

Note: for viewing the pictures, just press the photo button for about 2 seconds.


  • C:This door phone intercom adopts advanced touch technology and it looks fashionable and Luxury. The touch panel is made of Piano bakes lacquer to make the press buttons more sensitive
  • NOTE:The volume can not be adjusted and it has been set at a suitable level through inside procedure. If you are still not satisfied with the volume, you can change a melody(16 kinds of rings for selection) which sounds little noise like ‘ding dong’ (which lasts about 2 seconds)


  • D:The ultrathin LCD display feels light and convenient with the piano bakes lacquer panel also looking more fashionable, elegant and luxury.

    Outdoor Camera
    Camera Lens CMOS 300,000 pixel 
    Diagonal 92 degrees Viewing angle 
    Night View 6pcs LED light / Infrared Light
    Material Piano bakes lacquer
    Input power 100-240VAC 50/60HZ
    Output power 5V; 1A 
    Indoor Monitor
    Monitor Screen 7 inch
    Input power 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 
    Output power 5V; 1A 
    Battery type 3.7V 1350mAH Li-ion battery
    Battery charging time 3 hours (5 hours for 1st time charging)
    Battery standby time 30 days (fully charged) 
    Controls Brightness; Volume 

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