3.5 Inch TFT Touch LCD Screen Module

3.5″ TFT Touch LCD Screen Module 480×320 for Arduino & Mega2560 Board


1. 3.5in 480×320 TFT LCD screen, high quality image display and wide viewing angle.

2. Equipped with SD card socket and SPI FLASH circuit.

3. Provide 12 examples for Arduino and 3 examples of STM32.

4. Applicable for Arduino & MEGA 2560 development board.

5. Compatible with UTFT / UTFT_Buttons / Utouch Library.



Type: With touch panel

Input Voltage: DC 2.8~3.3V

Drive IC: ILI9486/ILI9488L

Screen Size: 3.5in

Screen Material: TFT

Resolution: 320×480

Module Pin: 28 pin (8+8+6+6)

Touch Pen Length: 8.8cm/3.46in 

Module Size: 8.5*5.5cm / 2.17*3.35in

Weight: Approx. 55g / 1.9oz


Packing list:

1 * LCD Screen with Touch Panel

1 * Touch Pen


1. Due to the difference between monitors and light effect, the pictures may not reflect  the actual color of the item.

2. Please allow slight error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.

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