Finding the right supplier on global sources

How do you identify the right supplier in the Global Sources website? An example of textile/fabric suppliers.

I have previously written about how to finding the right supplier in China on the China Sourcing Academy blog.

Today I want to share with you three approaches that you can take when looking through the Global Sources Website.
Before starting the search, I would set the search filter on the global sources web site on (i) 3rd party verified suppliers and (ii) 6-star supplier ranking (may not mean much but helps to narrow down your list). Here are the three approaches that I would take.

1. Search for suppliers that are in a particular location.

For example, I plan to visit DongGuan in March and will try and visit these two suppliers. Purpose – visit suppliers who are close and easy to access.
More than 30 new designs unveiled each month
10,000+ styles offered | Exporting for 8 years | On-time delivery
Operating since 2006
Dongguan City China Cotton Textiles Co. Ltd was founded in 2006. Our company has been running based on good faith, rapid responses, and innovations. After years of effort, our company has also founded the China Cotton (HK) Company Ltd, Dongguan Sportage (Trading) and Dongguan City Embroidered Textile Company (embroidery factory).
10-days lead times | Target-audited | REACH-compliant
Wide Range of Products to Choose from
Dongguan Tongtianxia Rubber Co. Ltd specializes in producing mouse pads, bar mats, game pads, placemats, yoga mats, carpets and other rubber products. We have delivered to Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, where our products are well received.
Samples Prepared within Three to Four Days
We invest 5% to 10% of our annual…

2. Search for suppliers who plan to be at a forthcoming trade show.

For example, I expect to see these suppliers in April at the Global Sources Fashion trade show. Purpose – get to know the supplier to see if it is worthwhile to visit the factory which is further away.

3. I would consider suppliers that have already been verified by international customers

For example, I see the following suppliers who have supplied to global brands – purpose so that you can contact the customer and get a reference.
Our outdoor gear fabrics and services are trusted by Nike, Adidas and others
Vertically integrated production | 3 million yards monthly
Fabrics with the approvals You are looking for
Yaw Liamy Enterprise is a producer of high-quality nylon and polyester fabrics with PU, EMB, and PVC coating for bags, luggage and tents. We are one of the few manufacturers offering UL-, cUL- and CE-certified fabrics for backpacks and lifejackets.
Sourced by Nike and Adidas
Nike and Adidas have verified our integrated manufacturer…
Supplying to Tesco, Primark, Andariel and Auchan
LRX Textile & Garments Co. Ltd is a high-tech company specializing in the production of knitted fabrics, including cool dry, UV protection fabrics, and charcoalite as well as antibacterial fabrics. We also offer swimwear, cycling suits and running wear. As the supplier of Tesco, Primark, Andariel and Auchan, we have been specializing in OEM/ODM orders. Our main export markets including Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.
Shanghai Osen Trade Co. Ltd, Meet us: Hong Kong, Apr 27-30. Booth: 9C23
Walmart, Target, Primark, C&A and Liu Jo source from us

Answers to these and much more are covered in the China Sourcing Academy. Signup for a free account to learn more.
I hope that these specific ideas on finding the right supplier in China are of value to you.

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