Month: January 2018

Learn Some Great Ways to Save Money Importing

Got a great product idea? Then get ready to source and import it. The whole point of importing is to broaden your selection of suppliers worldwide, lower prices and increase profit margins, all part of a global strategy to become a competitive force in the marketplace. Let’s take a look at how to do that. Order It on the Cheap. Let’s say you ask a United States manufacturer to make hammers for you to complement your already existing line of hardware products; they cost $1/unit... Read More

How to Source Products from Overseas

Globalization and the internet have made sourcing products from overseas more accessible than ever before. The ability to get access to products at significantly lower prices has made sourcing a very appealing option for many businesses. Small and large businesses alike are utilizing web resources to gain access to vendors that were once out of reach. However, sourcing products overseas may seem like an overwhelming task for those who have never done it... Read More

How to Outsource Your Shipping

When you run an ecommerce business, one of the most important details to handle is how you will ship your products to your customers. While shipping out of your garage works well in the startup stage, once you outgrow this phase, that model becomes unsustainable. There comes a point in every business owner’s life when they realize they need to  streamline their logistics process, said Krishna Iyer, director of strategic alliances for ShipStation. If you’ve reached... Read More

How to Find a Factory to Manufacture Your Product

Getting a product from an idea to production is a complex process. It involves significant research, time, planning and patience. But with the right information, the right resources and the right product, it’s possible. One of the biggest challenges of product manufacturing is finding a factory to create it. You’ll need to find one that fits your needs and budgets, and still turns out a quality product. This article will guide you through the process of finding and working... Read More

How to Turn Your Idea Into a Product and Launch It

Every product out on the market today started as an idea in someone’s head. From a mobile device to a software platform or a kitchen gadget, most items you can purchase came to life through the process of invention. The road from concept to finished product can be a long one, and those who travel it often face numerous obstacles and setbacks. But armed with the right information and resources, you can put yourself on the path to bringing your invention to market. Here’s what... Read More

How to Successfully Launch Your First Product with sourcing agent

Got a great idea for a new product? In addition to its design and logistics, you’re probably already thinking about how you’re going to launch it. A well-executed launch is your chance to grab customers’ attention and make a strong impression with your product. But like all first impressions, it’s hard to correct a product launch if it doesn’t go smoothly right off the bat — especially if it’s your very first product. “Product launches are... Read More

How to Find a Good Sourcing Agent in China

Are you looking for an overseas factory to manufacture your products? Rather than searching for a factory yourself – a task akin … Are you looking for an overseas factory to manufacture your products? Rather than searching for a factory yourself – a task akin to the proverbial needle in a haystack, especially from afar — look for a good sourcing agent or sourcing company to do that work for you. A good sourcing agent, either in the U.S. or in country, can: 1.... Read More

How to Find an Overseas Manufacturer: A Primer on Global Sourcing

You have a great new product that you want to take global. Now, you need to find someone to manufacture that product. Do you know where to find a manufacturer overseas? I do. Contract manufacturing is when a company arranges to have a local or overseas manufacturer make all or part of the product. Typically, the hiring firm provides a design or formula to the contract manufacturer to replicate or improve. The selling and marketing of the product is left to the hiring company, unless... Read More

How To Find a Manufacturer or Supplier for Your Product Idea with China sourcing agent

If you’ve been reading our previous posts on finding niche ideas and evaluatingg products to sell online, you may have started coming up with some ideas of your own. This can be an interesting time for an entrepreneur as momentum begins to build and excitement grows the more you think about your idea.  However, time and time again, many entrepreneurs find themselves hitting a brick wall and losing momentum when it comes time to actually source products. Whether... Read More

How to manage quality assurance and quality control in China with China sourcing agent

Everyone is concerned about how to control quality in China. In fact I often have new clients say to me “I don’t care about the price just make sure the quality is OK”. This is actually pretty wise, you are much better worrying about China quality assurance management or production issues than a 5% discount on the production cost. Imagine your shipment is delayed from China, your product has defects which reduce customer satisfaction or in the worst case require a total... Read More